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frequently asked questions

What is a video testimonial?

Video testimonials are video recordings of a person providing a review about a product, service, or business.

Who should I ask for a video testimonial?

Your happiest customers, partners, community members, event attendees, and your employees are a great place to start.

How do I make a video testimonial with a video testimonial tool or app?

Camily video testimonial software lets you collect video testimonials and crowdsource pro-quality video content, without having to hire a videographer, booking a location, creating a brief, or traveling.

Are video testimonials worth it?

Absolutely, video testimonials help you demonstrate social proof better than any other form of testimonial. Social proof is critical for boosting conversions and improving customer retention.

Why use video testimonial software instead of a video testimonial service or videographer?

Traditional video testimonial service firms typically cost $10K to upwards of $100K per video. With Camily, you can start to collect video testimonials for free.

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Video testimonials can boost your website conversions by 80% – and collecting video testimonials has never been easier with Camily.